How it Works

Collect 8 PIN Codes (Any 8 PIN Codes from Participating products)

  1. Find your unique 10-character PIN code inside specially marked M&M’S® (120g, 200g or 400g), SNICKERS® Bites, TWIX® Bites packages (130g,
    230g or 400g), SKITTLES® and /or STARBURST® Original packages (191g).
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter 8 PIN codes from specially marked products.
  4. When you enter 8 valid PIN codes, your 2 Cineplex codes will be automatically generated and emailed to you.
  5. Go to and enter your 2 Cineplex promotion codes online to redeem 2 movie tickets. Enjoy!*See Terms and Conditions for full details on the PIN in Pack Promotion.

How to Find Your PIN Code

Find your PIN printed on the INSIDE of participating packs xxxxxxxxx.

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